ioiphc-4Effective: January 2005

In order to alleviate any misunderstandings regarding the distribution of club tickets to Jimmy Buffett concerts, the board of the Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club will institute a ticket distribution policy outlined on page two.

Club tickets are a privilege, not a right. They are made available to the most active club members as a reward for their involvement and volunteerism with Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club throughout the year. The most active members will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets through the club. Members have earned this privilege by helping out the club in various ways throughout the year. HK Management sets aside 300 tickets per night per venue to registered Parrot Head Clubs. This means that all the clubs in the Alpine Concert Area combined have the option of purchasing 300 tickets to the show.

Each registered club in the Alpine region is given tickets based on the number of active members (members who are active in their dues and take part in club events) in that club. If you really want to see Jimmy, it is strongly suggested you plan on purchasing your tickets through regular channels. Being active in a club is no guarantee of ticket availability, as only the most active may receive tickets. Also, club seats should not be the reason to join the Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club.

To highlight a few of the important points of our ticket policy listed below: If you are eligible to purchase, and wish to purchase club tickets, you must currently be a paid member in good standing. All rules must be strictly enforced or our privilege to these tickets will be GONE.

Do not ever call Alpine Valley, PHiP, HK Management, Margaritaville Records, or Jimmy Buffett about tickets or seats. As a club we must also follow the rules of PHiP or our club tickets will be forfeited.

Please take the time to review the details of our ticket policy below and remember: GET INVOLVED AND STAY ACTIVE.

Taking into account all the preceding information, the Isle of Iowa Executive Board has instituted the following policy to be in place for concert tickets.

1. Tickets will be distributed to board members first, then they will be eligible to members based on accumulated Parrot Head points from the May Monthly Meeting to the date of the concert being announced.

2. Involvement in the “Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club”, corresponding with the online announcement of the concert dates. This would include our club’s community service projects such as the Alzheimer’s walk, the Alzheimer’s Phone Gala, the pet food drive, and other like projects. The National Club stresses community service in order to get tickets and we feel it should follow through on our club’s policy.

3. To be eligible for concert tickets, you need to be an active member as of December 31st, when the Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club submits their roster to PHIP and your dues need to be paid up to date as of the date of the concert.

4. Household memberships are eligible for two tickets and single memberships are eligible for two tickets. Provided all tickets are used by a member of the Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club. Please refer to Paragraph #3.

5. Any club member that has not accumulated any parrot points at the time the concert is announced will not be eligible for club concert tickets.

6. The club member purchasing the ticket MUST BE THE PERSON USING THE TICKET. There is no reselling of tickets. If you cannot use your ticket, you must return it to the club president.

7. Any violations of these policies will result in the forfeiture of future eligibility for club concert tickets; as such violations could jeopardize the Isle of Iowa’s concert ticket privileges.

Remember, club tickets are a privilege given to us and can be withdrawn at any time, so please follow the rules.

This is every club member’s notice of our concert ticket policy, and everyone should now know what they need to do to make themselves eligible for concert tickets in the future. We also hope that by instituting this policy it will alleviate any future hard feelings that may arise because of a shortage of concert tickets.

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