Effective: May 2013

The Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club has an incentive program for club members. The Parrot Point Policy is a way to reward those who are willing to put in the extra work to make our club be one of the best in the nation. The plan initiates on May 1st and will culminate the following April 30th, with the “Parrot Head of the Year” awarded at the club birthday party, held in May. The dues paying member with the most points will receive the award, along with a free, 1 year, single membership to the club, and other benefits. Any member with current dues will be eligible, except for current Board Members. To accumulate points, you must be a member in good standing. Parrot Points are assigned as follows:

1. 3 Points: Attending a monthly meeting.

2. 1 Point: For donating items to our current charities at monthly meetings. This is one point per donation category per person (up to a maximum of 3 points).

3. 5 Points: Bringing a friend to a monthly meeting for the first time. You will be asked to record the friend’s name on the sign-in sheet and will only get credit one time for that friend.  You will receive another 3 points if your friend joins the club and your friend will receive 3 points also for joining.

4. 3 Points: For selling raffle tickets at a monthly meeting or other event.

5. 5 Points: For any person that contributes to the newsletter.

6. 2 Points: For being an active member of a committee and attending committee meetings, with the maximum of 8 points acquired per event for attending meetings.

7. 10 Points: Chairing a committee.  Must submit a committee report to the Social Director.

8. 3 Points: Volunteering to work at an event and completing an assigned shift.

9. 1 Point: For attending a Board Meeting, One Particular Harbor and/or Family Picnic.

10. 5 Points: An Appointed Club Member will receive points once per year for completing their assigned task. (i.e.: Webmaster, Club Historian, Photographer, etc.).

11. 5 Points: Participating in an event that the club is partaking in, aside from the regular monthly meetings.  For example: bus trips to concerts would not qualify as an event to receive points, but Parades, Highway Cleanup, and Charity Events (Alzheimer's Walk, etc.) would be eligible.  Attending other Parrot Head Club Phlockings and House Concerts are included.  Hosting a House Concert will earn 5 additional points.

Parrot Point sign up sheets will be available at each monthly meeting. You are responsible for recording your own points at each meeting. Your Parrot Points will be available upon request for your review to ensure your points have been recorded correctly.  In the event of a tie or discrepancy for the “Parrot Head of the Year”, the current Board will make the final decision.

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