September 18, 2011

May 17 Minutes 2011





Board Members

Deanna Jackman-Steggall             Steve
Robe                         Gerald Ptacek                    Gordy Smith

Bart Mason                                         Randy Havlik                      Deb Rassler


Cindy Ek                                               Doris

Welcome New Board Members Present

Tom Whiting                                      Heather  Sexton

Non Board Members Present

Deb Ptacek                                         Matt


Minutes of Last

Minutes from the April 19th 2011 Board meeting were accepted

June Newsletter Deadline:  May 16th 2011

Newsletter articles should be sent in an e-mail if possible to Deanna Jackman-Steggall.  Any article NOT received by this date will
not be in the newsletter!


Keep it Positive

Treasurer’s Report

Treasure report from 4/1/2011 through 4/30/2011 was received by Steve
and accepted unanimously. The beginning balance as of 4/1/2011 was $8,662.83.
The total expenses were $1,630.49. The total income was $704.28, with the ending
balance of $7,736.62.

Steve handed out a report from 6/1/2010 to 4/30/2011 and also redid the last year’s
reports from the 1st of the Month to the 1st of the next
Month so they all end and start with the same amount.  Steve also gave a report of the Charity
Activity from 6/2010 until 5/2011.

The Iowa City Animal Shelter and the Free Community Health Center have not had
a representative available to come to our meetings yet to receive their
check.  All the Board agreed that they
need the checks sent to them. Steve will mail the checks out Friday to both
places so they can be paid.

Deanna gave receipts to Steve from the Club Birthday Party in the amount of
$274.69. All the Board approved the fee’s and for her reimbursement.

Membership Report

The club currently has the same amount of members as the previous month,

Deb requested more flyers that he has made up about our Island Fever Phlocking
to place on the band merchandise table at upcoming events.

Club Events

Gordy followed up with the Freedom Festival to see if our club can do anything
to help them out.  We will consider
earlier next year due to the times left and slots open. The Freedom Festival
will donate $250.00 to the charity of our choice after volunteering.

We had no volunteers sign up to help The Irish District on June 11th.

Bart agreed to wear JB for the Tanager Place on June 4th between
3:30 and 8:00 at the Rockwell Parking lot.

Deanna has our club signed up to pour beer at the 1st shift for Uptown
Friday Nights on July 29th, the same night as the CIB is playing.  Decided the equal amount of tickets to trade
for their fee would be 16 to 20. All agreed.

Spring Highway pick-up was completed and went well on May 15th.

The Club Birthday Party went well.

The Houby Day Parade had 8 club members participate and received a 2nd
PLACE TROPHY as a walking unit.

Steve will chair the 4th of July Parade in Coralville.

Discussed with Tom and Heather the Newsletter Articles and went over their
dates with them to make sure that was fine with them.

Deanna has the May Baskets in process.

Deanna asked about Relay for Life. We discussed that the club has no volunteers
since they moved it away from Coe College so all agreed that we would not
participate this year.

Alzheimer’s Memory Walk:

Randy will have a signup sheet for the next club meeting.


Next Core Meeting is at Tammy Maneely’s residence on the 25th of

Bart has the club down for the option of 1st Right of Refusal
for 2012 for the same venue.

Discussed places for next year’s Board Meetings.

May 31st Deanna

June 14th To be announced

July 12th Steve

Aug 16th Gordy

Sept 13th Deb

Oct 18th Bart

Nov 15th Tom


Jan 17th Randy

Feb 14th To be announced (Valentine’s Day)?

March 13th Gerald

April 17th Deb

May 15th Bart

The club had 6 members volunteer for the 7th Annual Benz Fest. The
club received a nice thank you from the Benz Beer Fest that benefits the
American Heart Association.

Alpine Club Tickets

The check was mailed

Chili Challenge

All the Board discussed and approved that we will stay with the same
charity for 2012 that we had for 2011. This will be The Free Medical Clinic.

Family Picnics

1st will be held June 1st at Jones Park

2nd is on July 6th at Cherry Hill Park

3rd is on August 3rd at Noel ridge Park

4th picnic is on September 7th at Thomas Park

Gerald will pick up the meat for the picnics

50/50 raffle

 4th Quarter (March,
April, and May) is to benefit Johnson County Humane Society. $150.00 was

Next Monthly

June 16th 2010 at The Fieldhouse Downtown is our Homeport.

The remaining monthly meetings are reserved for the Downtown Fieldhouse for the
rest of the year except for December (the club xmas party).

Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held at Deanna’s residence on May 31th
2011. Deanna proposed that the Board meet again May 31st for the
annual minutes and then again on June 14th to organize the next year
agendas.  All approved.

Respectfully Submitted: 5-30-11

Deb Rassler



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