September 13, 2011

September Birthdays

Birthday wishes go out to all of our members who are celebrating a September birthday on the Isle of Iowa

September 2 – Tom Whiting 

September 3 – Sandy Young

September 6 – Randy Havlik

September 9 – Linda McCallum

September 13 – Jon Dornbusch

September 15 – Steve Peterson & Ed Nealson

September 18 – Roger Arechiga & Lisha Coffey

September 20 – Jim Doyle

September 23 – Jaci Mills

September 24 – Stacy Wellington-Stiffler & Anne O’Mara

September 25 – Linda Barger

September 28 – Steve Douglas, Ann Randall & Matt Arenholz

Six new members have joined us on the Isle…                                       

Kathy Hansen from Cedar Rapids

Dave Baumler from Marion

John & Cynthia Ritch from Marion

Joni & Bret Throlson from Marion

 We are thrilled that they have decided to join the Phlock!  Remember there’s always room for another Parrothead on our Isle!

 See you all at the Downtown Fieldhouse on Thursday (September 15)!   

P.S.   Don’t forget about those membership dues!   

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