August 18, 2011

Birthday wishes & Welcome greetings...

Birthday wishes go out to all of our members who are celebrating an August birthday on the Isle of Iowa…

August 3 – Bart Mason
August 6 – Susan Fruendt
August 9 – Gary Ballew
August 10 – Terry Osmanski & Tom Randall
August 12 – Chris Levy
August 14 – Laurie Sexton
August 15 – Suzy Graller
August 20 – Steve Hilby & Robb Wessels
August 24 – Tracy Witcraft
August 29 – Tammy Maneely

Welcome to the newest members of our Phlock!!!!
Four new members (and two parakeets) have joined us on the Isle…

Connie Bauer from Cedar Rapids
Donna Fitzgerald from Cedar Rapids
Dennis & Linda McCallum from Marion
and their parakeets – Sarah & Emily

We are thrilled that they have decided to join the Phlock! Remember there’s always room for another parrothead on the Isle of Iowa!

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