May 31, 2011

Gerald's Musings

Fins up fellow Parrot Heads. Here is my first attempt at this monthly article, that I have been directed to write. All I can say is "Who the H*LL'S idea” was this anyway. And of course I'm late with it, as usual. I had a great Memorial Day weekend, weather aside. Hope everyone honored all the Veterans that sacrificed for all our freedoms. Being a veteran myself, I am proud to have
served my country for 21 years (4 Active Duty and 17 Reserve), and am lucky that I have never had to be put in harm's way.
The weekend started for me with my wife and I meeting up with fellow Parrot Heads at the Copacabana on our way to Uptown Friday Nights. At the Coop, I thought City had an ordinance that allowed only hens in your coop. There were some hens, but there was an over abundance of horny old roosters. One hen there was celebrating her birthday. Her old rooster mate adorned her with some bling to wear for the evenings.

After a quick beverage there, off we headed to the park for Uptown Friday Night.  They ID everybody at the gate. They should hire one of those Carnies that guess your age. He*l all he has to do is look at me and see I'm over the legal drinking age. The band playing was The Swing Crew. Nowhere did I see a swing. It looked like it was one half of the Smothers Brothers with two guys he picked up off the street. The drummer was one drum away from just beating on a box. Had a great time and saw a lot of fellow Isle of Iowa PHC members that I hadn't seen in a while.

After Uptown Friday Nights, the rest of the evening, was spent with friends drinking and keeping the guy in the booth next to us entertained.

Saturday, I did the usual and put my wife's love for me to the test. After a day of running around, we headed down to Cajun Fest at the Amanas. Ate some gumbo and jambalaya, and drank a few beers. Here we are listening to some Zydeco music when low and behold they were having a beer belly contest. My wife looked at me and could see that gleam in my eye. She did her best to hold, me back, but the cell phone rang and she had to go outside to talk. Like a flash, I was gone. After all they were giving away free cozies to all entrants. It was a tough contest, but thanks to the audience support I came out the winner. For my victory I came away with a couple cans of automotive products and a shirt that is way too small. The rest of the evening as we walked around, I was greeted by
people who recognized either me or the belly. Thank god for a loving wife that puts up with my antics.

Well the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. Smoked some ribs and pork loin on Sunday and finally got the hot tub cleaned out and some yard work done on Monday.

Have a great month and I'll be back next month.

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