July 20, 2011

July Membership Article

At the club meeting on Thursday night we will be sharing some information about an exciting new event for members of our club that is under consideration. While I don't want to give away too many details (keeping you shrouded in suspense until Thursday night), I will say that it could involve an October road trip, spare change and the music of our favorite band.

Details are still emerging, but we plan to share some additional information at the meeting on Thursday and see what kind of interest there is from all of our fun-loving parrot heads. Before you come out to the Fieldhouse - check your calendar, clear the schedule for October 8 and be ready to sign-up for a "Trock'in Good Time" with the Isle of Iowa!

We'll salute all of our Parrot heads who are celebrating another year of "growing older but not up" with a birthday drink ticket. Celebrating in July are...

July 7 - Lori Hennessey
July 8 - Sandie Smith
July 10 - Jerry Fruendt
July 14 - Don Ford
July 17 - Matt Tyc
July 21 - Freddie Maneely
July 23 - Julie Nealson
July 24 - Doug Rassler
July 26 - Cyndy Hilby
July 29 - Lowell Buchholz & Samantha Sion
July 30 – Beth Vittengl

We will also get the chance to welcome four new members onto the Isle…

Steve & April Rouner from Iowa City
Ann Leland (Serbousek) from Solon (a former phriend of the phlock)
Beth Vittengl from Cedar Rapids

We are thrilled that they have decided to join the Phlock! Remember there’s always room for another parrot head on our Isle!

See you all at the Downtown Fieldhouse on Thursday (July 21)!

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