September 15, 2011

Booze Bottles & Phlocking Tickets

It's a great day to be on the Isle of Iowa - we hope to see you all at our monthly meeting tonight at the Downtown Fieldhouse!  We want to encourage you to donate a bottle of booze, turn in any money you have collected so far in phlocking ticket sales & bring any items you have to donate to the silent auction.   

The Booze Pull will be a new event at our Island Fever Phlocking this year and we are hoping to raise at least $500 from this new activity.  In order to do this we need at least 50 bottles of booze and we are very close, but not quite to the "bottom of the bottle" yet!  We are hoping that you will be able to donate a bottle of alcohol at tonight's meeting to get us over the top.  Those who attend the phlocking will then be able to contribute $10 and will receive a chance to pull a token which will earn them a bottle of booze.  Each token will be matched to a specific bottle so with each booze pull participants will win a different type of booze.  Wine, tequila, rum, whiskey, other liquor, or even 6 packs will suffice.  Remember, each bottle equals $10 in the booze pull activity.  While it really defies logic & common sense (donating booze instead of drinking it) 🙂  defy logic & donate a bottle to support this great new addition to our event! 

We would also like to collect any money that has been collected so far in ticket sales.  Hopefully everyone is pounding the pavement and pushing our phlocking tickets.  We are hoping for a huge crowd at the phlocking but we need the help of our members to make that happen.  Remember, if  just 50 of our memebrs sell 10 tickets each, Island Fever will be a sell out event - now wouldn't that be awesome!  Consider checking out a few tickets to sell to your friends, family, neighbors & co-workers.  Ask your employer to buy a few tickets on behalf of their business. 

Our members are the greatest and we really appreciate everything you do to make the Isle of Iowa "own kind of paradise."  We will be Knee Deep in phlocking fun in just 17 days! 

P.S.   Don't forget, membership dues are due by October 1st but why wait until October to renew?  Pay your membership dues at the meeting tonight & you will be entered into our special membership appreciation prize drawing at the October meeting!

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