March 15, 2012

March Birthdays & Welcome Wishes to 11 New Members!!!

Birthday wishes go out to all of our members who are celebrating a birthday on the Isle of Iowa

March 3           Jon Shramek

March 6           Mark Hennessey

March 14         Robert Witcraft

March 15         Ro Shramek, Don Steggall

                                    & Kim Hamer

March 16         Sandy Robe & Lani Albrecht

March 18         Dennis McCallum

March 19         Gary Olson & Mick Snodgress

March 20         Jeff Hoffman

March 21         Dave Bartilson

March 22         Mitch Clements

March 24         Bret Throlson & Susan Clements

March 31         Mary Flock & Tami Kluth

Eleven new members have joined us on the Isle… 

 Heidi & Don Wallace(& parakeets Shanna, Shayla & Justin)from Cedar Rapids

F. John Herbert from Cedar Rapids

Paula Eifler from Coralville

Dane Nealson from Ames

Kathy Gravert from Anamosa

Carolyn Clark from Boone (and Brad Manard who has rejoined the phlock)! 

 Welcome to the Isle…we are thrilled to have you as part of the Phlock!  Remember there’s always room for another Parrothead on our Isle!


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