May 26, 2018

Join us on Sunday, June 3!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend Isle of Iowa!  Please take a moment to remember & honor those who have given so much to preserve & protect our freedom.




Special Club Gathering on Sunday, June 3! 

We will be hosting a special club meeting on Sunday, June 3 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM at the Starlite Room (3300 1st Avenue NE; Cedar Rapids, Iowa).  The focus of the meeting will be to share your ideas & learn more about the Island Fever Showcase which will be held over Labor Day weekend.  Several of our members have expressed an interest in getting more involved with this wonderful event & we would love to have some more assistance!  So bring along all of your great ideas & join us at the Starlite Room on Sunday, June 3 at 5:00 PM!


Raffle Items Needed… 

Things are really starting to heat up for the Island Fever Showcase at the Surf Ballroom over Labor day weekend & we now need your help!  We are asking you as a club member to donate a “signature” item to be used on our special raffle(s) to be held on Saturday & Sunday nights.  What we are asking for is a nice item that can stand-alone in the raffle or that can make the main focal point for a basket.  The good news is that we only need approximately 40 signature items!  Signature items should have a value of at least $20 and can include both items that you purchase or items that you create.  That’s right - use your imagination & come up with something unique!  Perhaps it’s a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a crafty Knick knack (no paddy whacks though) or even a unique or beautiful photograph that you framed up.  The personal touch that these items provide prove to be big hits on the raffle!  Of course, we’ll also take any type of item that you purchase (bottles of booze, tropical stuff, etc. etc.).  And, we can use all kinds of smaller things as basket “fill” so you are welcome to donate those as well!  Bring your donations to the next club function or contact Tina Hansen to make arrangements to drop it off!

Speaking of the Surf Ballroom…

Check out the feature article that appeared recently in Trop Rockin’ MagazineClick the following link to read The Surf Ballroom & Island Fever Showcase... (and then share the article in your social media feed).  It speaks to the significance of the Surf Ballroom (and the Island Fever Showcase).

And... catch the Island Fever Preview Show on RadioTropRock on Friday, June 1 at 9:00 PM central time.  Listen on the web at or download the app for your mobile device.  Spend an hour with Joe Coffey, Jason Shadrick & Bart Mason as we preview the all-star event!

Visit (and share with friends) for all of the latest information!

Meeting of the Minds Update…

Make sure to consider attending the 27th annual Meeting of the Minds parrot head convention in Key West, Florida from October 31 – November 4.  We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About is the theme for this year’s gathering & it is going to be a great one!  Not only do you get to enjoy the spectacular atmosphere of Key West, you’ll also have a fabulous entertainment lineup!  Check it out here -  Registration is easy just go to and follow the steps! 

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