August 5, 2016

Got Your Island Fever Ticket Yet? Just Do It!

Good Morning Isle of Iowa!
We are just one week away from Island Fever Phlocking - our club's annual charity fundraiser!  It's going to be one incredible weekend with an amazing musical line-up!  I sure hope you have purchased your tickets already, but if you haven't - there is still time!  You even have three great options...
  1. Purchase a Saturday Night Only ticket for just $15 (we haven't increased to the higher price yet)!  on-line at !
  2. Purchase a Friday/ Saturday Ticket for just $20 (this will also get you into the Bloody Mary Buffett & the Island Fever Pub Crawl on Saturday)
  3. Purchase a special Ultimate Access Pass for just $25 (THIS IS THE BEST DEAL!)
The first two options (numbers 1 & 2) can be purchased on-line at through next Friday.  The third (number 3) option (AND THE BEST ONE) can only be purchased by contacting your club president on the Island Fever Ticket Line at 319-930-2833 (phone or text) or through email at [email protected].  Randy Havlik may also have some of these Ultimate Access Passes (THE BEST DEAL) at the Kernels game tomorrow night.
Why should you consider purchasing an Ultimate Access Pass you ask?  Well, obviously it is THE BEST DEAL because it gets you into all of the weekend events including a special performance by the Southern Drawl Band on Sunday afternoon (August 14) on the music deck at 30hop (right up the street from our host hotel).  This is easily the coolest music venue in the IRL!  And, the Southern Drawl Band is easily one of the coolest bands you'll ever hear!  You'll be wowed by the 2015 Trop Rock Music Association Band of the Year!
If you already purchased a phlocking ticket, but you did not get the Ultimate Access Pass - it's not too late to add a little Southern Drawl to your weekend!  We do have tickest for the Southern Drawl Band available on-line at for just $15 per person (all proceeds go to the band).
This is a great fundraiser with the best musical line-up in club history!  Featuring The Bamboozlers on Friday night (7 pm to 10 pm) on the IRL Riverwalk at the Marriott; Mr. Myers (duo) & The Boat Drunks (America's #1 Trop Rock Band) on Saturday night at the main event in the exhibition hall at the Marriott; and the Southern Drawl Band (TRMA Band of the Year) on Sunday afternoon on the Rooftop Patio at 30hop - you simply can't go wrong!
Please buy a ticket and support your club - it's all about the charities!  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!  Now get on gettin' those tickets & get on gettin' your family, friends & neighbors out to this wonderful event!
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