March 23, 2020


Before you start reading I want to say that yes I know this is a long article and it is chocked full of details. Grab a beverage and read though all of the entertainment details for the event at the end of the road this year! This will be the longest note I will write to you this year as I want you to have a feel of all the PHun you will have in late October in Key West! 

Sometimes there is trouble in the world but I can tell you this will be the escape you will never forget. Most of us are side-lined right now due to the virus situation but this too shall pass. There is no plan to slow down with the on-going planning and execution of PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2020! Our event is in late October and by then you will be looking for an escape to the end of the road! Take care of your PHriends and PHamily. We will get through this and we will have a celebration!

Wow it is the Spring of 2020. That is hard to believe. Here we are. It is time to tell you all about the event at the end of the road in Key West Florida in October. PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds “Party at the End of the World” is all set and yet there are always moving parts that will make it ultimately better. I can tell you that I have been working on parts of the entertainment line-up for this event for almost 18 months. I was on the phone last night for several hours talking to musicians. It takes weeks and sometimes months just to get one set ready from the initial conversations to the contracts and details. I want to share that to let you know that every year is special as artists and bands can finally work things into their schedule and come to put on the absolute best Parrot Head convention we can afford to give you. Why? Because YOU rock Parrot Heads! Millions of dollars to charity and so many volunteer hours? We’ve got YOUR party in Key West!

So… let’s start with you. This is the Jimmy Buffett fan club. Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. YOU all volunteer and raise money to help people all year long. PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds in Key West is a gift to YOU as a reward for all you do to make the world a better place. Your PHiP Board of Directors wants to give you the party of the year. That is my job to lead and I take it as a daily task only because I love it. I will tell you that we have one incredibly awesome volunteer crew that is ready to deliver the goods. Our sound and production crew is second to none.  Every one of you deserve the best we can give you. We want you to come down to the mecca of the Parrot Head universe and experience the best value in entertainment that exists and still roll over some funding to local charities while you have the time of your life. I know we have all of that happening again this year…I drive a message and everyone on our team has the same goal…make every event something to remember and have a great time doing it. The plan this year will be no exception to the goal and you can quote me on that.

So here goes...some tradition, some young and new artists, some MOTM veterans, and some who come from the stages across the Parrot Head Nation. The Coral Reefer Band will be here in full as they are the backbone of Jimmy Buffett’s music – more to come on that note… The alumni Coral Reefers will show up from year to year as they have helped shape this music catalog and they are part of our PHamily. The Coral Reefer Band alumni are virtuoso musicians that would be welcome on any amphitheater show or recording session. They make our music stages go to the next level.

NEW to our Key West stage!  A PHiP’s MOTM KEY WEST EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE! The Wheeland Brothers and Kaitlyn Weathers are coming to Key West all the way from Southern California. You can hear them on Sirius XM via Jimmy Buffett’s Radio Margaritaville and Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio.  I started this booking conversation before the last 2019 event in Key West and have been trying to figure out how to affordably get them to travel out to the East Coast from southern California to play for YOU. Now they are stoked to be playing on our Key West stage. Their star keeps rising. YOU should come see this music! Go watch all that You Tube video…live is only going to be better! Go check the videos out!

Another PHiP’s MOTM EXCLUSIVE! Caroline Jones WILL BE at PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2020… I wanted to get Caroline to our event last year but she was too busy touring and there were other complications. Long story…the good news?  After phoning a JB PHriend, talking to her staff, and our production crew for literally non-stop for the last four months Caroline will be on our stage backed by her band. Many of you have seen her on tour with Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney over the last two years and this will be a chance to see 90 minutes of her music up close on our Key West stage. Go check the videos out.

We have all the supporting crew in place this year in Key West that have toured with Jimmy Buffett over the last year as well as the sound and production crew who supported the recording of the brand new Jimmy Buffett “Life on the Flip Side” album in Key West. You could say this event is going to ROCK…

Hey I am just getting started. I already said the entire Coral Reefer Band will be in Key West for PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2020 and ONLY playing at the Casa Marina. So what do they have for you? Honestly this 2020 CRB set was going to be played 2 years ago but some other things got in the way. Now you will see an entire 90 minute set with the CRB playing a little Club Trini warm-up followed by

“Coral Reefer Band favorites from the Jimmy Buffett music catalog.” This is not a set of “Songs you know by heart.” The band has picked a special set and worked to give you something special for the seasoned PHan! YOU just need to be there…

The Jesse Rice BAND I know you are going to enjoy this set! More to come on this show.

Cory Young and the Bulawayos! This should ROCK!

The Beachside Album Hour is going to feature a complete album again this year…A completely full  stage of musicians from Coral Reefer Band Alumni like Roger Bartlett CRB guitar player #001, producer and awesome song-writer, session guitar playing Coral Reefer Will Kimbrough will be on this set. John Frinzi with the Shrimper Dan Band leads this Jimmy Buffett album from beginning to end. This year the set is the 6th album released by Jimmy in 1976 titled “Havana Daydreaming.” Most of the Coral Reefer Band will be on stage for this one!

After the album is finished John Frinzi will end the set with his original music supported by a full band playing his original music.

I want to mention some of the sets that are crowd favorites. This year Mac McAnally is returning for a set on Friday night. I will personally say that the set last year on our stage in Key West was likely the best set I have ever seen since I first saw Mac open for John Prine in 1978. Stand-by. Mac will deliver some amazing music in a setting that you will be talking about for a long time.

Peter Mayer. Another PHiP’s MOTM EXCLUSIVE at the Casa Marina! This year I asked again for something different than the last couple of years and Peter always delivers. This will be a re-visit of the original “PM” Group including Peter Mayer, Coral Reefer Bass player Jim Mayer, Brendan Mayer, and Coral Reefer drummer Roger Guth. They will be joined by Chris Walters on keyboards and some other special guests. You can’t see this set anywhere in the USA in 2020 so don’t miss it. If you missed the early days of PM it is time to add this special set to YOUR resume…they will be there waiting for you. Don’t miss it on a beach 20 feet from the water.

High South. A PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds EXCLUSIVE! All the way from Nashville still touring North America and Europe this band took much of the thunder last year at PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds. The 2019 PHiP MOTM survey data on High South came back very strong and the crowd just kept raving about them. Well they are BACK and best of all they will ROCK you on Saturday night! If you missed this show last year you owe it to yourself to see this full band on our main stage in Key West!


So I am going to try to not write so much more, I was over the limit after the first page. Online now is a listing of the artists coming this year with more details. I don't mean to leave anyone out as they will all get a moment in the spotlight before we get to Key West. Wow all of this for registration fees of $90 and a free t-shirt while chilling on the beach or hanging out at the pools in Key West? Our beer and margaritas cost 25 percent of a normal concert or even downtown Key West!  How does this happen? We have $5 cheeseburgers and $6 breakfast sandwiches on the largest private beach in Key West! You all chose to join a Parrot Head Club, have some PHun, and do some good for your local area. Our job in Key West is to reward you with the best experience you will never forget. We have that covered.

Go check out the online schedule which I just activated. You will find some things I can guarantee you have never heard in the combinations you will see on our stages this year. You will also find many of the "gotta' see" PHan favorites and more. Our sponsors are all onboard already and planning some great promotions! Our registration price is still the same as many years before. All we need is you!

PHiP’s Meeting of the Minds 2020 Entertainment Schedule Link:



IF you register before April 1st, 2020 YOU will be put in a drawing to WIN 2 tickets to see JIMMY BUFFETT AND THE CORAL REEFER BAND in a city of your choice in the USA or Canada during the 2020 tour courtesy of MARGARITAVILLE FOODS!!  All you have to do is register and pick your choice of a city on the 2020 tour If you are the lucky winner YOU will win a pair of concert tickets and access to a pre-show VIP party for any 2020 regularly scheduled Jimmy Buffett tour date within the U.S. or Canada.  The concert date must be selected at least 8 weeks prior to the show or as soon as possible if the concert is announced with less than 8 weeks notice.  The winner will be drawn on April 2, 2020. You must be registered prior to midnight April 1st to be in the drawing and I can tell you your odds of winning are very good…much better than any lottery you will play!  

Here is the link to register for the 29th PHiP’s ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MINDS 2020:



You should book your room at the Casa Marina!! Why? Because if you book your room by April 1st, 2020 you will be put in a drawing to win a FOUR NIGHT STAY DURING MOTM 2020 IN A TWO BEDROOM OCEAN VIEW SUITE FREE!! Only the people who are on the Casa Marina reservations list and registered for MOTM 2020 by April 1 will be eligible for the drawing. This is the seventh year in a row this prize has been offered. Ask some of the previous winners how cool this is to have this awesome suite right on the water in Key West during Meeting of the Minds for FREE!

Here are the ways to book a reservation for PHiP’s MOTM #29 at the Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort:

The online link:

Booking code: ZZPAR

Central Reservations: 1-888-303-5717

The 2020 MOTM dates are on the PHiP web site for use in booking your rooms right now! 

Stay well PHriends and take care of those around you. Until next time I’ll see you, down the road!


Andrew Talbert
Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.

PHiP Director of Conventions
PHiP's Meeting of the Minds
Board member of the Lone Palm Foundation 

Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. © 2020

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