November 22, 2021

Isle of Iowa Board Election Results

I’d like to thank Randy for keeping the ballots safe in a mason jar on Funk and Gagnalls porch until I got back from Des Moines.
From what I’ve heard and based upon the number of write in votes there must have been quite a lot of last minute campaigning. The fourth spot on the ‘Member at Large‘ vote had three candidates within three votes of each other.
We had 31 members vote in this year’s election, 24 in person and 7 by email.
Drum roll please……….

President - Gerald Ptacek
Vice President - Larry Lehman
Secretary - Steve Douglas
Treasurer - Gordy Smith
Membership Director - Joy Huber
Social Director - Randy Havlik
Member at Large
- Deb Ptacek
- Linda McConnell
- Steve Robe
- Tina Hansen

Thank You and Congratulations to all of the Candidates.

Steve Douglas
(Acting) Election Chair

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