November 15, 2017

It's gonna be a BIG Monthly Meeting on Thursday (November 16) night!

This Thursday (November 16) night we've got one heckuva Monthly Meeting planned for you!  Not only do you get a chance to cast your vote in the board election (we still need a membership director by the way), but we've also got one BIG announcemnt to make!  We're talkin' HUGEENORMOUS!

It is also your last exclusive chance to purchase those VIP seats for the ISland Fever Showcase at the Surf Ballroom next Labor Day weekend.  Beginning on Friday, the pre-sale opens up to our phriends from other clubs in the Midwest region and they are stompin' at the bit to get their hands on these tickets!  Remember, once they are all sold - they are gone!  Don't delay!

It's also a great time to bring in a donation (or two...or three...etc.) for the Blues-n-Buffett Chili Challenge!  They need your help (in the form of donations) to build an incredible silent auction!  Remember - your donations are tax deductible and support two wonderful causes in the HD Youth Center & the Community Free Clinic!

Get your tail out to the Monthly Meeting on Thursday...  BIG!  HUGE!!  ENORMOUS!!!


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