December 22, 2021

January VenuWorks Volunteer Shifts

The Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club is requesting volunteers for work shifts on the following dates (if we have enough members sign up).  Signing up does not guarantee we will work, that will be confirmed by e-mail.  Your work hours will benefit our club in both the money we can donate to charities, and also visibility with the public.  We earn $10/volunteer hour plus tips. It can get very busy at times but we have some fun too, we may be running a register, serving food, beverages, clean-up, or other jobs.  Please wear club shirts or Parrot Head attire to help promote our club.  

Please send an email or comment below ASAP, before Dec 29 to confirm your availability/commitment to work on any of the upcoming dates listed, if we have 3+ people sign-up, we will sign up to work.  Once we commit our club to work an event, we don't want to cancel.  Please email or comment below with any questions before signing up.  Thanks for your support, Barracuda Randy - [email protected] 

Club Work Shifts Available

Friday Jan 7, 6-11:59pm: ImOnIce Arena - National Curling

Saturday Jan 8, 6-11:59pm: ImOnIce Arena - National Curling

Sunday Jan 9, 3:30-9pm: ImOnIce Arena - National Curling

Friday Jan 21, 5-11pm: ImOnIce Arena - RR vs Dubuque

Friday Jan 28, 5-11pm: ImOnIce Arena - RR vs Dubuque

Saturday Jan 29, 5-11pm: ImOnIce Arena - RR vs Chicago

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