June 18, 2018

Special News About the Monthly Meeting!

Hope to see you all at the Monthly Meeting on Thursday (June 21) at the Chrome Horse Saloon in New Bo.  We have some really cool things planned including a super secret "musical surprise" with some "mystery guests" - Don't miss out!  We will also be accepting donations for the Freedom Foundation (Veteran's Food Pantry) and donations for the Island Fever Showcase auction.  Remember, we are looking for signature items (with a value of at least $20) that we can build a gift basket around.  Of course, there is no donation too large or too small so we won't turn anything down!  Your generosity & support of this event is greatly appreciated!

We also want to make you aware that this is a big week for the Island Fever Showcase on RadioTropRock.  They will be pushing the event all week long with lots of promo spots & commercials (including a brand new one).  On Wednesday, June 2o at 9 AM, the Trop Rockin' The USA show will be "brought to you by Island Fever Showcase."

Promo/commercials will be in hyper rotation all week - running at least once every hour that week.

And.... the Island Fever Showcase preview show will run on Tuesday, June 19 at 9 AM central time and on Friday, June 22 just after noon central time.  The Friday Noon spot is one of the highest listenership times that the station has.  Make sure to download the app for your mobile device at radiotroprock.com or listen on-line!

See you all on Thursday night!

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