September 23, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Get the Phlock to Island Fever - #6...Parrot Head Bling

Reason #6... Parrot Head Bling

You don’t have to travel to the tropics to get the best tropical merchandise - some of the best parrot head bling this side of the equator can be found at Island Fever.  

In addition to all of the great stuff (and I mean GREAT) that will be up for bid on both the live and silent auctions, our good phriends from Island Time will be back again this year with a great assortment of tropical merchandise from which to choose. Get decked out for the next tiki party or find just the right tropical attire for that trip down A1A to MOTM later in the month.   

We’ll also have official club merchandise available at our membership station including t-shirts, wrist bands, and beads to name just a few items.  A new shipment of the popular We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About window clings that sold out at the birthday party have just arrived as well! You’ll also have the chance to get acquainted with our new friend – Moe the Parrot!  Our margarita swilling buddy can go home with you and become a permanent fixture in your home or car for just $5.  Buy yours early as we have an extremely limited number of Moe’s on hand & they are sure to sell out!  

In addition to these great items, we will also have some limited edition, custom made tiki huts that will be the “center of attention” at each and every table.  There’s Tall Paul’s Tiki Bar; The Cedar Island Band Shack & many, many more custom designs.  One of these phabulous tiki huts can be yours for a small donation to our club!   

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